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Book Review – The Man From The Egg: Unusual Tales about the Trinity

Growing up in a family where everyone loves stories has its advantages. Bed times, meal times, picnics, trips to and back from school – everything becomes fun when you have storytellers accompanying you everywhere. Be it your grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, uncles or aunts – everyone has a story to tell, and no matter where you are and with whom, you are always happy listening to stories. It also helps when you grow up, because there is a lot of wisdom in folklore and a certain sense of humour, which teaches you a way of taking life and its trials with a pinch of salt.
As children when you listen to stories, your imagination works overtime and your perception of the stories you hear leaves a vivid imprint on your mind. So that when you grow up, and maybe hear the same stories, you are instantly transported to the land where you spent your childhood! As an adult when you tell these same stories to your young ones, that land comes alive once again – and the fact that this ti…

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